acrylic, charcoal & spray-paint on canvas 36" x 48"


First I paint a base color or light wash for the background. I then begin the drawing with either white chalk or black charcoal. From there, I slowly paint in areas. As I go, the drawing adjusts, as does the painting. The goal is to leave enough of the beginning of the process for the viewer to see how a painting starts, while also finishing enough for the viewer to see where the painting would go if finished.



 I want to bring the viewer back to the art of a painting and the process a painting goes through to be a finished piece. I do not aim to distract the viewer with a story I have created about the subject; rather, I wish to have the viewer appreciate the art of painting, drawing… creating a visual, physical, technical piece that brings the viewer to their own aesthetic reaction, rather than one they were told to find.