When I started painting I was told, “there is no such thing as a line on a three dimensional form; everything is made up of light and shadow.” Adhering to these principles, faces continuously change. Light, color, expression and emotion give a face endless variation, eliminating any one, consistent line.

I use traditional techniques in a contemporary way by mixing classic portraiture with pseudo-realism, expanding the visual vocabulary of the portrait. To expose the viewer to the process of painting, and the stages a painting goes through to be a finished piece, I leave some areas of the paintings rough and unfinished, and write my own notes, changes and critiques directly onto the canvas. In order to fill the observer’s visual space, I utilize size by working large scale. The basis of my work is to engage viewers in a visual, tactile and technically proficient work that enables their own aesthetic reaction, rather than one dictated by the artist. I’m challenging the viewer to step away from the conceptual and evaluate the craft.


Born in New York to a Greek and American mother from Kentucky and an Argentine father, I grew up surrounded by different worlds and cultures. I have always been strongly influenced by my New York upbringing and my Argentine background. I have traveled to many places around the world and I appreciate the experiences I have in each place. Exposure to other cultures, cities and countries broadens my capabilities, giving me limitless inspiration. Immersing myself in other cultures has given me a strong interest in people, making me partial to painting portraits. Thought I grew up in New York, I lived in London for a year, went to high school in Boston, University in California and Miami and have spent a lot of time in Argentina and Europe. I enjoy moving around and I appreciate every experience I have each place I go. I believe the exposure to other cultures, cities and countries broadens my capabilities, giving me limitless inspiration.

My mother was the head Art Director at a major advertising firm in New York and my father, before going into business, was an architect; so my life was never lacking creative influences.

I became serious about pursuing painting in high school and have since sought out creative jobs in many fields: graphic design, curating, film production, photo production and commission painting. I recently graduated from Miami International University of Art and Design with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts; and I am now focusing on building my painting portfolio.